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Playlist vom 25. Dezember 2016
"ABBY Black Christmas Party"


DJ Andi & DJ Dieter

Echopark - Suicide Commando
Suicide Commando - Love Breeds Suicide
Covenant - Rirual Noise
Neuroticfish - Velocity
Incubite - Hell Instructor
Angelspit - 100% (Combichrist 110% Fucked Remix) (w)
Patenbrigade Wolff Feat. Sara Noxx - Gefahrstoffe
Alien Skull Paint - Nobody Dies Twice
Welle:Erdball - Die STunde Null
IamX - Spit It Out (w)
Eisbrecher - Vergiss Mein Nicht
ASP - Sing Child (w)
Stahlmann - Deutschland Tanzt
Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones
Diary Of Dreams - The Wedding
Deine Lakaien - Love Will Not Die
:Wumpscut: - Black Death
VNV Nation - Control (w)
Grendel - Dirty (w)
Nachtmahr - I Hate Berlin (w)
All The Ashes - Schwarz Macht Schlank (w)
John Foxx - Underpass (Reader's Sinister Subway Radio Edit)
The Sisters Of Mercy - A Rock And A Hard Place
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love (w)
The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (w)
Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted To Dance (Combichrist Elctro Hurtz Remix) (w)
Subway To Sally - Kämpfen Wir! (Eisbrecher Remix) (w)
Helium Vola - Nummus (w)
The Crüxshadows - Helios
Aesthetic Perfection - Antibody (w)
VNV Nation - Space & Time (w)
Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me (w)
Frozen Plasma - Crazy (DJ Edit) (w)
Chrome - Walked In Line (w)
FGFC820 - God & Country (w)
Feindflug - Ersatzteil (w)
Lindsey Stirling - Shadows (w)
She Past Away - Katharsis (w)
Ruined Conflict - A Voice For The Voiceless
Stahlmann - Schwarz (w)
Eisbrecher - Zwischen Uns (w)
Grausame Töchter - Annika Ist Tot (w)
Karin Park - New Era
And One - U-Boot Krieg In Ost-Berlin
microClocks - Life Is Grim (Klangstabil Eternity Remix)
[:SITD:] - Autoaggression (Solar Fake Remix)
Dioxyde - Geist (w)
XotoX - Mechanische Unruhe
Centhron - Viking (w)
Gesaffelstein - Hate Or Glory (w)
Suicide Commando - God Is In The Rain (w)
Faderhead - Baby Firefly (October Reanimation) (w)
Absolute Body Control - Into The Light
Placebo - Pure Morning (w)
Rob Zombie - Dragula (w)
Die Krupps - Nazis Auf Speed
Front 242 - Moldavia (w)
Diary Of Dreams - Sinferno
Mailyn Manson - Killing Strangers
Light Asylum - Dark Allies (w)
Tuxedomoon - No Tears (Adult Remix)
Aesthetic Perfection - LAX
The Prodigy - Breathe (w)
FGFC820 - Society (w)
Shiv-R - Eye Of The Needle (w)
Sirus - Surveillance State
Sebastian Komor - Game Of Thrones Theme (w)
Lord Of The Lost - Blood For Blood (w)
Deine Lakaien - Over And Done
Blutengel - Asche Zu Asche (w)
IamX - Triggers
Klangstabil - Schattentanz (w)
In Strict Confidence - Herz
Oomph! - Gott Ist Ein Popstar (w)
Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut
Owl Vision - Holy Shit (w)
Agonoize - Ohne Titel (w)
Epinephrin - Energie (w)
The Klinik - Hours & Hours
Welle:Erdball - Zeitverbot
S.P.O.C.K - White Christmas
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)
Covenant - Der Leiermann
Celldweller - Jericho (w)
Eisbrecher - Schwarzes Blut (Eisbrecher Neuschnitt)
Helium Vola - Omnis Mundi Creatura (w)
Blutengel - Der Spiegel
Royksopp - Monument
Crystal Castles - Not n Love
Project Pitchfork - Rain
Covenant - Dies Irae
Lebanon Hanover - Babes Of The 80s (She Past Away Remix)
November Növelet - Dancing Queen
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart (w)
Stephan Eicher - Les Filles Du Limmatquai
The Cure - Play For Today
Placebo - Meds
Mesh - Little Missile
Rob D. - Clubbed To Death
Rotersand - Überload
Deine Lakaien - Love Me To The End (2nd Mix)

DJS M.A.R.I.J.A.N. & DJ Joni

Amanda Palmer - Crown Man Cry
Jyl - Universe
Nichts - Engel Über Berlin
The Cassandra Complex - Second Shot
Daf - Sato Sato
Chain Of Command - Honour Amongst Thieves
Omd - The Misunderstanding
Rosa Crux - Aglon (Remix)
Ascetic - We Are Not All Dead
1919 - Tear Down These Walls
Bfg - Higher Than Heaven Is
Vendemmian - Shine On
Editors - The Racing Rats
Dragons - Here Are The Roses
Lust For Youth - Armida
Boy Harsher - Save Me
She Past Away - Ruh
Zwischenfall - Flucht
Depeche Mode - Stories Of Old
Das Kabinette - The Cabinet
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis
Tones On Tail - Performance
Current 93 - Happy Birthday Pigface Jesus
The Cure - Boys Don’T Cry
Tuxedomoon - No Tears
Schwefel - Metropolis
Grauzone - W‹Tendes Glas
X-Mal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus
Scary Bitches - You’ll End Up Looking Like The Scary Bitches
Der Fliegenmann - Fliegenmann (Radio Version)
Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song
Skeletal Family - So Sure
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Play Dead - This Side Of Heaven [Extended Version]
Tempers - Hell Hotline
Light Asylum - Dark Allies
La Scaltra - Nightmares
Lebanon Hanover - Gallowdance
Joy Division - Transmission
B-Movie - Remembrance Day
Björk & The Cure - Hidden Place Vs. A Forest
Dada - Age Of Confusion
The Body Electric - Dash 1721
Ash Code - Dry Your Eyes
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Cities In Dust
Bauhaus - Passion Of Lovers
Pink Turns Blue - Walking On Both Sides (w)
Christian Death - Romeos Distress
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle - Shadow Dance (w)
The Sisters Of Mercy - Walk Away
She Past Away - Kasvetli Kutlama (w)
Diva Destruction - The Broken Ones
Joy Division - Shadowplay
Snake Corps - Strangers
Skeleton Hands - Ravage (w)
Minuit Machine - Battles
Linea Aspera - Hinterland
Boy Harsher - A Realness (w)
Anne Clark - Our Darkness (w)
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
Circuit 7 - Video Boys
Blitz - New Age
Placebo - The Bitter End (w)
New Model Army - White Coats
Crisis - Holocaust
Fehlfarben - Apokalypse (w)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Red Light
The Sound - New Dark Age
Daf - Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal
Ben Bloodygrave - Ich Schau In Dein Gesicht
Cat Rapes Dog - Bjllerklang
Boytronic - Luna Square
Yazoo - Nobodys Diary
Depeche Mode - Photographic (Some Bizarre Version) (w)
Massendefect - Jolene
The Bollock Brothers - Faith Healer (w)
The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again (w)
The B-52’S - Rock Lobster
Leila K. - Ca Plane Pour Moi (w)
Vampire Beach Babes - Tomb Mau Mau
Der Fluch - Werwolf (w)
A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran
New Order - Blue Monday (w)
Second Decay - I Hate Berlin (w)
The Cure - The Walk (w)
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl
Inbase - Christine
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl
Trisomie 21 - The Last Song
Frustration - Too Many Questions (w)
She Past Away - Rituel
Tempers - Trains
Acid Pauli Vs. Johnny Cash - I See A Darkness (w)
The Exploding Boy - Torn
The Merry Thoughts - We Love To
Jessica93 - Asylum
The Mission - Naked And Savage (w)
Chameleons - Second Skin (w)
Phillip Boa - And Then She Kissed Her (w)
Lene Lovich - Bird Song
Ultravox - The Voice
Shock Therapy - X-Mas Time Again
The Arch - Babsi Ist Tot (w)
She Past Away - Asimilasyon (w)
Heaven 17 - Height Of The Fighting
Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses (w)
Ii. Invasion - Graue Katzen

DJ Fenris

The Market Murder - Subprime Mortgage
Psychedelic Headshot - Gefühl Von Einsamkeit
Pervyj - Undress!
Thorofon - In Blood And Heels
Genocide Organ - Violent coordinating Commitee
Diutesc - Wir versuchen die Weltherrschaft an uns zu reißen
Schwadron - Satan at my back
Fine AutomatiC & Die Form - Disabled Landscape
Geins't Naït - Un Dormir
Knifeladder - Alpha Male
Kommando - Picrotoxin
Dresden 45 - Asbest
Blackhouse - Totally Gone
Propergol - Renegade
Herz Jühning - To The Stars
A.R.S. - Vive La Resistance
Haus Arafna - Satanas and Friends
Militia - Mikael Bakunin (Live)
Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese - Eleven
Greyhound - Neuralmanipulation (w)
Geistform - Source Sensor (w)
Ah Cama-Sotz - Confession (w)
Wieloryb - Veneto
Nuclear Combination - Seelenarbeiter
Orphx - Unknowing
Hape Kerkeling - Griechischer Weihnachtsmann
Therion - Helheim
Therion - Secret of the Runes
Frank Zander und die Schlümpfe - Zum Geburtstag alles gute
SadoSato - Borderlinemädchen (Hierophon Remix) (w)
And One - U-Boot-Krieg In Ost-Berlin (w)
Nachtmahr - I Hate Berlin (feat. Frl. Plastique) (w)
[X]-RX - Hit The Drums
Nitzer Ebb - Once You Say (K-Bereit Remix)
Pantser Fabriek - EBM Girl
Grausame Töchter - Blut Geleckt
Turnbull A.Cs - Man Made Modern Machines
Kryonix - Gefahr (w)
Sadosato - Electronic Body Mantra (w)
Agent Side Grinder - Giants Fall (w)
Woodkid - I Love You (w)
Tempers - Strange Harvest
Delos - Dark Machinery
Ash Code - Challenging The Sea
Camerata Mediolanense - Il Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna (w)
Ianva - In Compagnia Dei Lupi
Memmaker - Death Comes (Rotersand Mix)
Mono-amine - Chaos by Its Definition
Shnarph - Eine Tolle Predigt
Last Influence At Brain - Recently
Stahlnebel & Black Selket - We Break The Silence (Sin Dna Remix)
IC434 - Rats (Live)
13th Monkey - Aktrus (w)
Winterkälte - Global Warming (w)
Siamgda - Son of God
Imminent Starvation - Strass
Lingouf Au lieu des messes à je
Lustmord Vs Hecate - Megavoid
Evil Activities - My Hidden Place
The Pitcher - Shock And Awe Anthem
Weltschmerz - Dht
Mustache! - The Badabook
Angerfist - Radical (Dominator 2008 Anthem)
Code 243 - Safer For You
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Disko Neubauten
Cristian D - Standing in Line
Iszoloscope - In The Face Of Descent (Kinetik Cut)
Empusae - Neupridem
Narkose - Mantra
Agya - Is That You?
Nin Kuji - Tamashii
Monolith - Biosphere (Preview)
Blue Stahli - Lightspeed Combat
Monokrom - Wiz Ga-Wiz
Bleiburg - Der Geist Der Erziehung
Phuture Noize & Ran-D - Paranoid
MS Gentur - Industrial Area 1
100Blumen - Mr.Sister
Embrionyc - Across the sea
Operation Julmond - Assault
Coph Nia - Holy War (pt. 1 - enter)
Einstürzende Neubauten - Tanz Debil
Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Engel (Original By Rammstein)


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