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Playlist vom 25. Dezember 2008
"ABBY Party"


DJ Andi + DJs Annie & Jan (Rigor Mortis)

Diorama - Deep Oceans
Deine Lakaien - Over & Done
Frozen Plasma - Protect My Ways
Solitary Eyperiments - Watching Over You
BlutEngel - Leave The Day
The Crüxshadows - Tears
ASP - Ballade Vom Kleinen Schmetterling (w)
Unheilig - Ich Will Alles
Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus (w)
Rammstein - Rosenrot (w)
Terminal Choice - Collective Suicide (Club Mix)
Diary Of Dreams - MenschFeind
Project Pitchfork - Timekiller (w)
The Retrosic - Storm
:Wumpscut: - Hang Him Higher
Suicide Commando - Sterbehilfe (w)
[:SITD:] - Firmament (w)
Shnarph! - Jede Nacht
Combichrist - This Is My Rifle
Covenant - Call The Ships To Port (w)
Helium Vola - Omnis Mundi Creatura (w)
Derniere Volonte - Le Poison (w)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Three Is An Orgy, Four Is Forever (w)
Re:/Legion - DN38416 (w)
VNV Nation - Chrome (w)
Nitzer Ebb - Murderous
Leather Strip - Suicide Bombers (w)
Diary Of Dreams - Traumtänzer (w)
Solitary Eyperiments - Odyssey Of Mind
Decoded Feedback - Atlantis
Sero Overdose - She
Lost Area - Vengeance Of Nature
BlutEngel - Oxidising Angel (w)
Cephalgy - Gott
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence 2004
Oomph! - Augen Auf (w)
:Wumpscut: - Churist Churist
Kontrast (Isecs) - Einheitsschritt (w)
Elesde - Darkness Party
Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby
Das Ich - Destillat (VNV Nation Mix) (w)
The Invincible Spirit - Push
The Mao Tse Tung Experience - Irregular Times (w)
The White Stripes - 7 Nation Army (w)
Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song (w)
Nine Inch Nails - Terrible Lie
Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line (w)
The Normal - Warm Leatherette (w)
XotoX - Mechanische Unruhe (w)
KiEw - Graograman
FabrikC - Notfall (reworked) (w)
Combichrist - Blut Royale (Instru-Mental Version) (w)
Grendel - Zombie Nation (w)
Welle:Erdball - Monoton & Minimal (w)
Alien Skull Paint - Nobody Dies Twice
The Cure - The Lovecats (w)
Billy Idol - White Wedding (w)
Fields Of The Nephilim - One More Nightmare (w)
Placebo - Pure Morning
ASP - Weltunter (w)
Apoptygam Berzerk - In This Together
:Wumpscut: - Wreath Of Barbs (w)
[:SITD:] - Richtfest (w)
Lost Area - Life And Order (w)
Projecto Mirage - Sensor (w)
KiEw - Tunnel
Combichrist - Vater Unser (w)
Tumor - Raising Hell
Anne Clark - Leaving
OMD - Electricity
V2A - Fade To Grey
The Crüxshadows - Return (Coming Home)
Clan Of Xymox - Creatures
Depeche Mode - Precious (w)
VNV Nation - Epicenter (w)
Sven Väth - Dein Schweiss (w)
Rob Zombie - Dragula (w)
The Sisters Of Mercy - When You Don't See Me
Pixies - Where Is My Mind (w)
Alphaville - A Victory For Love
Les Immer Essen - Hand Take
Deine Lakaien - Love Me To The End (2nd Mix)

DJ Dieter & DJ Jürgen

Weltklang - Heimat
Daf - Der Räuber und der Prinz
Fad Gadget - Back To Nature
Ministry - Thieves
Young Gods - Lounge Route Remix
Alien Sex Fiend - Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied
Sisters Of Mercy - Alice
Christian Death - Face
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Kiss Them For Me
Shock Therapy - I Never Asked For This
Fair Sex - No Excuse
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities In Dust
Marquee Moon - Beyond The Pale
Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again
Peter & The Testtube Babies - Spirit Of Keith Moon
Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor
Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line
Neon Judgment - The Fashion Party
Gitane Demone - Incendiary Lover
Oto - Anyway
Pankow - Me & My Dingdong (12" Version)
Fields Of The Nephilim - Psychonaut Lib. III
Bauhaus - Shes In Parties
Cult - Rain
Mission - Amelia
New Model Army - Stupid Questions
Billy Idol - Dancing With My Self
Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes
Les Rita Mitsouko - Cést Comme Ca
Dead Kennedys - California Über Alles
Lard - Mate Spwan & Die
Alien Sex Fiend - Nightmare Zone
Ramones - California Sun/Blitzkrieg Bop
Ärzte - Mein Baby war beim Frisör
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis
Multicoloured Shades - Teen Sex Transfusion
Invincible Spirit - Showdown
Daf - Liebe auf den ersten Blick
Soft Cell - Metro Mr.X
Ruth - Polaroid Roman Photo
Swans - Love Will Tear Us Apart
X-Mal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus
Skeletal Family - Promised Land
Fields Of The Nephilim - Sumerland
Christian Death - Cavity-First Communion
Fehlfarben - Paul ist tot (w)
Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing
Front 242 - No Shuffle
Depeche Mode - Photogenic Remix
Leila K. - Ca Plane Pour Moi
Trio - Los Paul
Toy Dolls - Kids In Tyde & Wear
Nina Hagen - Einfach Nina
Exploited - Car Cops
Misfits - She
Cassandra Complex - Mosciw Idaho (w)
Peter & The The Testtube Babies - The Jinx (12") (w)
Billy Idol - White Wedding (w)
New Model Army - 51states
Fields - Power
Stranglers - No More Heroes
Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Killing Jar (w)
Next Generation - Hommage (w)
Daf - Als Wars Das Letzte Mal
New Dimension - Stuttgart Schwarz (w)
Radio Werewolf - Buried Alive
No More - Suicide Commando (Alternative Mix)
Virigin Prunes - Pagan Lovesong
X-Mal Deutschland - Begrab mein Herz
Red Zebra - I Can't Live In A Living-Room
B'52s - Planet Claire
Dave Ball - In Strict Tempo
Christian Death - Heresy II
Sisters Of Mercy - Dominion
Hans-A-Plast - Monstertanz
New Days Delay - Tiny Happy Monsters
Deep Eynde - Devil Child
Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Sisters Of Mercy - Floorshow/Body Electric
Daf - Verschwende Deine Jugend
Meteors - Wrecking Crew (w)
Mad Sin - Sin Is Law (w)
Berurier Noir - Helen Et Sang (w)
Exploited - U.S.A.
Pixies - Where Ist My Mind
Tears For Fears - Mad World (Für Dani)
Nine Inch Nails - Only (Für Dani)
Joy Division - Means To An End
Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around (Für Dani)
Nick Cave - Red Right Hand (w)
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf (DMix)
Visage - Fade To Grey (12")
Spock - White Christmas
Wizo - Roy Black Ist Tot (w)


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