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Playlist vom 05. Januar 2005
"ABBY Party"


DJ Andi & DJ Dieter

Die Krupps Nitzer Ebb - The Machinery Of Joy
Dive - Bloodmoney
Psychic Force - Underpass
Project Pitchfork - Vietnam
Apoptygma Berzerk - Love Never Dies
Covenant - Stalker
Calva Y Nada - Rascheln
Invincible Sex - Red Glow Horizon
VNV Nation - Electronaut
Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy´S Song (Come To Me) (W)
Kirlian Camera - Eclipse
Wumpscut - Solyent Grün
Die Form - Bite Of God
Alien Sex Fiend - Information Overload
Psyche - Edge Of 17
Fixmer/Mccarthny - You Want It
Cycloon - Godblessed:Remorse
Láme Immortelle - 5 Jahre (W)
Deine Lakaien - Into My Arms (Clubremix) (W)
Front 242 - Der Verfluchte Engel (W)
Combichrist - Vater Unser (W)
Soman - Ignition
Alphaville - Sound Like A Melody (W)
Indochine - L´Aventurier (W)
Placebo - The Bitter End
Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus (W)
Sleeping Dogs Wake - Point Black (W)
Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus Der Lüge (W)
:SITD: - Lebensborn
Suicide Commando - Sterbehilfe
Psycho Bitch - Wake Up (:SITD: Mix) (W)
Hocico - Ladykiller (Sick Bastard Mix)
Blutengel - Navigator
Kiew - Tunnel
This Morn Omina - One Eyed Man
Helium Vola - Omnis Mundi Creatura (W)
Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit
Welle Erdball - Schweben, Fliegen , Fallen (W)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence 2004 (W)
Lene Lovich - Bird Song (W)
The Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion (7")
Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Passenger
Wumpscut - Sag Es Jetzt (W)
Rammstein - Ohne Dich (Laibach Remix)
Covenant - Der Leiermann (W)
Roter Sand - Electronic World Transmission (SITD Reconstruction)
The Retrosic - Maneater
Diary Of Dreams - Giftraum (Skinner Mix)
Das Ich - Die Totgeweihten
Witt/Heppner - Die Flut (W)
The Arch - Babsi Ist Tot (W)
Faith & The Muse - All Lovers Lost
The Mission - And The Dance Goes On
Pixies - Where Is My Mind ? (W)
Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Performance Mix) (W)
Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night
VNV Nation - Epicenter
Hocico - Born To Be (Hated)
Sucicide Commando - Evildoer
Feindflug - Feindflug (Feindflug Remix) (W)
Xotox - Eisenkiller (W)
S.H.N.A.R.P.H. - Gottes Furcht
Der Fluch - Werewolf
Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Berurier Noir - Helen Et Sang (W)
Trio - Los Paul
Farin Urlaub - Sumisu
The White Stripes - 7 Nation Army
Placebo - Every You, Every Me
Phantoms Of Future - Sun (W)
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (W)
Silke Bischoff - On The Other Side (W)
In Strict Confidence - Seven Lies (W)
Panzer Ag - Total Luftherrschaft (W)
Terminal Choice - Castles In The Sky (W)
Girls Under Glass Feat. P.Spilles - Ohne Dich
Nichts - Tango 2000 (W)
Depche Mode - Never Let Me Down (W)
Namnambulu - Faces (WHS Remix) (W)
Diary Of Dreams - Butterfly Dance (W)
Talk Talk - Such A Shame (US 12" Mix)
Dorsetshire - Strasse Der Verdamnis
Xotox - Mechanische Unruhe (W)
Chombichrist - Blut Royale
Tactical Sekt - Xfixiation (Hellfire Mix By [S.I.T.D])
D.A.F. - Verschwende Deine Jugend
Ärzte - Sweet Gwendoline
Cure - The Walk (W)
Dolly Parton - Jolene
Deine Lakaien - Love Me To The End

DJ Carsten & DJ Jakob

Funhouse - Stand Alone
Dream Disciples - Pray
Party Day - Shimmering
The Shadow Cabinet - Anything At All
Burn - Ghost
Substance Of Dream - Höllengott
The Ghost Of Lemora - It's Just A Ride
Super Heroines - Apathy
Wipers - Tragedy
Screams For Tina - Standing In The Rain
Asylum - Deeper And Deeper
Uncut - Devotion
Museum Of Devotion - Those Pale Eyes
Fliehende Stürme - Die Axt
Exedra - Death Disco
Radio Scarlet - Sir Rotts A Lot
New Days Delay - Tiny Monsters And Furry Little Creatures
The Last Days Of Jesus - Conected Or Infected
The Vanishing - Princess Poison
Stone 588 - Ruination
Autumn - How It Came To Be This Way
Frank The Baptist - Signing Off
Miguel And The Living Dead - Train Of The Dead
The Deep Eynde - She Likes Skulls (W)
The Cramps - Cramp Stomp
Misfits - Monster Mash
Every New Dead Ghost - Miranda
Dronning Maudland - Cry For Happy
X Mal Deutschland - Augen.Blick
45 Grave - Evil (W)
Mephisto Walz - Der Sack
Adult - Glue Your Eyelids Together (W)
The Epoxies - Need More Time (W)
Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver
Nosferatu - Lucy Is Red
The Mission - Tower Of Strength (W)
Carcrash Int. - Torch
The Sisters Of Mercy - A Rock And A Hard Place
Joy Division - She's Lost Control
Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song
Sexbeat - Sexbeat
The Ghost Of Lemora - Dread The Day
Ghost Dance - Last Train
Kitchen And The Plastic Spoon - Happy Funeral (W)
Murder At The Registrry - Cupido
Wipers - Up Front
The Deep Eynde - Devilchild
Le Tigre - Deceptecon (W)
Neva - Vision (W)
Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart
Placebo - Special K
The Cure - Fire In Cairo (Demo) (Demo) (W)
Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song (Live)
Screams For Tina - Sacred Heart
Frank The Baptist - Silver Is Her Colour
The Last Dance - Whisper (W)
Scary Bitches - You End Up Looking ...
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Mittageisen
Fields Of The Nephilim - Endemoniada (W)
Rosetta Stone - An Eye For A Main Chance
The Wake - Sideshow (W)
Suspiria - Asdsassin Soul (W)
The Neon Judgement - Awful Day
Skeletal Family - She Cries Alone
Götterdämmerung - Left Hand Repture
The Sisters Of Mercy - Body Electric
Lucie Cries - Le Talisman De La Muse
Grauzone - Wütendes Glas
Fliehende Stürme - Trümmergemüt (W)
Abwärts - Computerstaat
The Monsters - The Creature From The Black Lagoon
Vampire Beach Babies - Tomb Mau Mau
The B52s - Rock Lobster
Lene Lovich - Angels
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
The Cult - Hollow Man
Corpus Delicti - Absent Friend
Passion Play - Frantic
Rosetta Stone - Subterfuge
1919 - Tear Down The Walls (W)
Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp
The Birthday Masacre - Videokid (W)
Clan Of Xymox - Jasmine And Rose
The March Violets - Snake Dance
New Model Army - Ballad Of Bodmin Hill
Stephan Eicher - Noise Boys Song
Alien Skull Paint - Fly With Me
Berlin - The Metro
Kim Wilde - Kids In America
Ramones - Rock ´N´Roll Radio
Pink Turns Blue - I'm Walking On Both Sides
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Love In A Void
Scarlets Remains - Metall Heiligenschein
Miguel And The Living Dead - Night Of Terror
Jesus And Mary Chain - Between Planets
Joy Division - Decades
Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye


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