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Playlist vom 25. Dezember 2017
"ABBY Black Christmas Party"


DJ Andi & DJ Dieter

Blutengel - Welcome To Your New Life
Snuff - Missionary
Covenant - Ritual Noise
Camouflage - Love Is A Shield
Faderhead - Dirty Grrls Dirty Bois
Frozen Plasma - Tanz Die Revolution (DJ-Mix) (w)
Eisbrecher - This Is Deutsch ([:SITD:] Mix)
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
ASP - Schwarzer Schmetterling
Project Pitchfork - Pitch Black
Accessory - Tanzrichtung Vorwärts
VNV Nation - Control (w)
[X]-Rx - Tanz Schlampe
Centhron - Dreckstück (w)
Subway To Sally - Kämpfen Wir ! (Eisbrecher Mix) (w)
Diary Of Dreams - Epicon
Klangstabil - Marh & Emotion (w)
Aesthetic Perfection - Antibody (w)
Oomph! - Labyrinth (Agonoize Mix) (w)
Chrom - Memories (w)
Deine Lakaien - Over And Done (w)
Derniere Volonte - Les Reves De Dorian
Suicide Commando - My New Christ (w)
MDS51 - Machine Mortelle
Feindflug - Truppenschau (w)
Boy Harsher - Pain (Radio Edit) (w)
And One - U-Boot Krieg In Ost-Berlin (w)
Stoppenberg - This Is For Your Body
Aesthetic Perfection - Love Like Lies
Black Tiger Sex Machine - Rezorecta
Lindsey Stirling - Shadows
Helium Vola - Nummus (w)
Deine Lakaien - Farewell (w)
VNV Nation - Space & Time (w)
Example - Change The Way You Kiss Me (w)
The Prodigy - Omen
SynthAttack - Insomnia
Stahlmann - Schwarz (w)
Eisbrecher - Zwischen Uns (w)
Ruined Conflict - A Voice For The Voiceless
Marilyn Manson - Say10 (w)
Kite - True Colours (w)
Welle:Erdball - 20.000 Meilen Unter Dem Meer (TAX5-Remix)
Hertzinfarkt - Wir Trauen Uns Was (w)
DAF - Als Wär's Das Letzte Mal (Boys Noize Remix) (w)
FGFC820 - God & Country (w)
Covenant - Dead Stars
In Strict Confidence - Herz (Extended Version)
Blutengel - Reich Mir Die Hand (w)
Grausame Töchter - Annika Ist Tot (w)
Dirk Van Dark - Exzess (w)
Project Pitchfork - Timekiller (And One Remix) (w)
Faun - Egil Saga
Wardruna - Odal
Sebastian Komor - Game Of Thrones Theme
Faderhead - Noise.Voices.Noise.Silence
Aesthetic Perfection - Rhythm & Control (w)
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix) (w)
Editors - Papillon (Tiesto Remix Radio Edit) (w)
Gesaffelstein - Pursuit
The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy
Centhron - Blitzkrieg (w)
Feindflug - Ersatzteil
Lord Of The Lost - Blood For Blood (w)
Marilyn Manson - Killing Strangers
Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin (w)
Welle:Erdball - Lass Uns Ein Computer Sein (w)
Royksopp - Monument (T.I.E. Version)
Ari Mason - Empires
Placebo - Meds (w)
Muse - Starlight
Kirlian Camera - Sky Collapse (Feat. Covenant)
Frozen Plasma - Murderous Trap (w)
Agonoize - Exitus (w)
Steinkind - Larissa (w)
Light Asylum - Dark Allies
Hante - Living In A Frensh Movie (Ash Code Remix)
M83 - Midnight City (Christian Strobe Remix) (w)
Owl Vision - Holy Shit (w)
The Invincible Spirit - Nein!
Rammstein - Sonne (w)
Eisbrecher Verrückt (w)
Die Krupps - Nazis Auf Speed
Aesthetic Perfection - LAX
Ascii.Disco - Einfach
Düse - Nackig
Equinoxious - Cosmodrome (w)
Deine Lakaien - Where You Are (VNV Nation Mix)
Zola Jesus - Vessel (w)
Solar Fake - Rise And Fall
Suicide Commando - Dein Herz Meine Gier (w)
Shock Therapy - Hate Is A 4 Letter Word
VNV Nation - Illusion (w)
The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke Mix) (w)
Les Immer Essen - Hand Take
Deine Lakaien - Love Me To The End (2nd Mix)

Dj Joni & Dj M.A.R.I.J.A.N

Nichts – Engel Über Berlin
Fields Of The Nephilim – The Watchman
The Heart Throbs – In Vain
The House Of Usher – Facades
Man Of Straw – Boys
Niet – Depresija
Projekt Mensch – Dreh Dich Nicht Um
Oberer Totpunkt – Paul Ist Tot
Sad Lovers And Giants – In Flux
Near Earth Orbit – Abandoned World
Nosferatu – Vampyres Cry
Faith And The Muse – Plague Dance
Himmel Über Berlin – Poison On Your Tongue
The Rope – Suffer
Siberia – So Black And Blue
Frank The Baptist – Silver Is Her Color
Ghosting – I Lose Control
Qek Junior – Neue Ästhetik
Eiskalte Engel – Kinder Aus Asbest
Psyche – Uncivilized
B-Movie – Remembrence Day
Shock Therapy – X-Mas Time Again
Prince Of The Blood – Risin
Joy Division – Shadowplay
The Sisters Of Mercy – Walk Away
She Past Away – Kemir Beni
Zo/Zo – Raus
Velvet Condom – Kalter Lippenstift (In Death It Ends Remix)
The Cure – The Walk (Razormaid Mix)
Lebanon Hanover – Babes Of The 80S (Tobias Bernstrup Remix)
Hante – Living In A French Movie (Ash Code Remix)
Linea Aspera – Synapse
Skeleton Hands – Gardens
She Past Away – Rituel
L´an 2000 – Nonsense
Ash Code – Dry Your Eyes
Miserylab – People
Box And The Twins – Ice Machine
P1/E – 49 Sec. Romance (Licht Und Schatten Mix)
No More – Suicide Commando
Fad Gadget – Rickys Hand
Ben Bloodygrave – Ich Schau In Dein Gesicht
Tuxedomoon – No Tears (w)
Totenwald – Shadows In Paradise (w)
Neon – Dark Age (w)
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle – Shadow Dance (w)
Current 93 – Happy Birthday Pigface Christus
Die Alten – Mitternacht
The Sisters Of Mercy – Body Electric (w)
Skeleton Hands – Ravage (w)
Figure Study – Wait (w)
Minuit Machine – Battles
Tempers – Bright Over Me
The Exploding Boy – Torn
Pink Turns Blue – Your Master Is Calling (w)
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
The Mission – Naked And Savage (w)
The Sound – Total Recall
The Body Electric – Dash 1721
DAF – Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal
Plastikstrom – Grossstadtalarm
Rheingold – Fan Fan Fanatisch
Leila K – Ca Plane Pour Moi
Demented Are Go – Be Bop A Lula (w)
Berurier Noir – Helene Et Le Sang
Cat Rapes Dog – Bjällerklang
Indochine – Leila
Pink Turns Blue – Walking On Both Sides (w)
Chaos Z – Krass
The Arch – Babsi Ist Tot (w)
Selofan – In The Darkness
Box And The Twins – Perfume Well (w)
Krakow – San Marino
Hante – My Destruction
Selofan – Shadowmen (w)
Kirlian Camera – Blue Room (w)
Trisomie 21- The Last Song
Tempers – Trains
Whispering Sons – Performance
The Cure – Burn
The Sisters Of Mercy – Marian (w)
Fields Of The Nephilim – Preacher Man (Contaminated Mix)
Ghost Dance – Last Train
Remain In Silence – Hope In Fear
Christian Death – Church Of No Return
Tones On Tail – Performance
Boytronic – Luna Square
Inhalt – Occupations
Anne Clark – Our Darkness (w)
Neuer Frühling – Abendlos
The Cramps – Surfin Bird (w)
Der Fluch – Halb Mensch Halb Tier
Alien Sex Fiend – Dead And Buried
Cassandra Complex – Presents (Come Of Age)
Fehlfarben – Apokalypse
Sütterlin – Liebes Christkind
Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less And Less
Bonaparte – Anti Anti
New Model Army – White Coats
The Smiths – Panic
The Cure – Jumping Someone Elses Train
Bfg – Unsure She Said
Ulterior – Too In Love To Fuck
She Past Away – Ruh
Soft Kill – From This Point On
Azar Swan – Over
Hord – Deliverance
Sanity Council – Skewered Blue
Christian Death – The Drowning


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