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Playlist vom 27. März 2016
"ABBY Black Easter Party"


DJ Andi + DJ Dieter + Gast-DJ guenter

Wumpscut "Wueterich" Album-Präsentation:

My Leper Kid
Unser Kleiner Weltkrieg
Dot, Dot, Dot
Das Bose Rumburak
Warmonger Scheusal
Armer Jid

Amduscia - Meldodies For The Devil
Covenant - Stalker (w)
And One - Steine Sind Steine (w)
Eisbrecher - Schwarzes Blut (Eisbrecher Neuschnitt)
ASP - Sing Child
Welle:Erdball - Starfighter F-104G
Homo Futura - Komm In Mein Labor
VNV Nation - Sentinel (w)
Project Pitchfork - Beholder (Puppet Master Mix)
Diary Of Dreams - Giftraum (DCII Version)
Blutengel - Der Spiegel (Reworked)
In Strict Confidence - Morpheus
:Wumpscut: - Hang Him Higher
FGFC820 - God & Country (w)
Noisuf-X - Let's Fuck (w)
Celldweller - Heart On (Aesthetic Perfection Mix) (w)
The Prodigy - Invisible Sun (w)
Marilyn Manson - Killing Strangers
Subway To Sally - Kämpfen Wir! (Eisbrecher Mix) (w)
ASP - Das Kollektiv
:Wumpscut: - Capital Punishment
Feindflug - Ersatzteil (w)
Ruined Conflict - Freedom (w)
Lindsey Stirling - Shadows (w)
Helium Vola - Nummus (w)
VNV Nation - Space & Time (w)
Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me (w)
Aesthetic Perfection - The Dark Half (w)
:Wumpscut: - Ich Will Dich
VERLOSUNG - Wumpscut
:Wumpscut: - My Leper Kid
Combichrist - Without Emotions (w)
Nachtmahr - Tanzt Für Mich
Suicide Commando - Unterwelt (w)
Centhron - Porno Queen (w)
Nachtmahr - Boom, Boom, Boom
Apoptygma Berzerk - Love Never Dies
Nero - Satisfy
:Wumpscut: - Wreath Of Barbs
Klangstabil - You May Start
Gesaffelstein - Hate Or Glory
Light Asylum - Dark Allies
Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize
Ron - Grenzgänger
And One - Military Fashion Show
Covenant - Call The Ships To Port (Oliver Kitzing Remix)
:Wumpscut: - Soylent Grün
Lord Of The Lost - Blood For Blood (w)
Eisbrecher - Dreizehn
Rammstein - Haifisch (w)
Psyclon Nine - We The Fallen
The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (w)
Shiv-R - Eye Of The Needle (w)
Cyferdyne - Numb (Aesthetic Perfection Mix) (w)
:Wumpscut: - War (w)
Faderhead - Escape Gravity
Kirlian Camera - K-Pax (Fotonovela Mix)
Faun - Egil Saga
Derniere Volonte - Les Reves De Dorian
Sebastian Komor - Game Of Thrones Theme
Welle:Erdball - Zeitverbot
Royksopp - Monument (w)
Grossstadtgeflüster - Haufenweise Scheisse (w)
And One - U-Boot Krieg In Ost-Berlin (w)
Trauma Patient - Finstere Zeit
Agonoize - Gottlos
:Wumpscut: - Jesus Antichristus (Feindflug Mix)
Klangstabil - Vertraut
Noisuf-X - Warning
Aircrash Bureau - Als Wär's Das Letzte Mal
And One - Deutschmaschine
Neuroticfish - Velocity
Combichrist - Electrohead
:Wumpscut: - Boneshaker Baby
Discowalküren - Walküren
In Extremo - Vollmond (w)
Subway To Sally - Veitstanz
Luna Luna - Wenn Ich Tot Bin
Marilyn Manson - The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness (w)
Rammstein - Ich Will
:Wumpscut: - Black Death
Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted To Dance (Combichrist Mix)
A Life Divided - Feel (Noel Pix Mix)
Diary Of Dreams - The Wedding (w)
Blutengel - Sing
VNV Nation - Further (w)
Project Pitchfork - Pitch-Black
Nine Inch Nails - Closer (w)
Dirk Van Dark - Exzess (w)
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis (w)
Covenant - Ritual Noise (w)
:Wumpscut: - Sag Es Jetzt
G Tom Mac - Cry Little Sister (Cave Club Mix) (w)
Oomph! - Such Mich Find Mich (w)
M83 - Midnight City (Christian Strobe Mix) (w)
The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke Mix) (w)
Rob D. - Clubbed To Death (w)
Deine Lakaien - Love Me To The End (2nd Mix)

DJs Matthias & Carsten

Jennie Vee - Die Alone
Editors - Life Is A Fear
White Pulp - A Lie In Everyone
Passion Play - As Above So Below
Kiss The Blade - One Thing Left
Sweet Ermengarde - Near Dark
The Last Dance - Silently She
Adoration - Sense
Sad Lovers & Giants - Man Of Straw
Principe Valiente - Take Me With You
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Halloween
Xmal Deutschland - Zu Jung Zu Alt
Missing Persons - Destination Unknown
Talk Talk - Today
Bloodtypes - TV Dreams

Dr. Dumsday - Ikea
Kraftwerk - Schaufensterpuppen
DAF - Was Ziehst Du An Heut Nacht?
Anne Clark - Self Destruct
The Wake - Patrol
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Arabian Nights
The Sisters Of Mercy - Logic
The Cure - Cold
David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes
Fehlfarben - Paul Ist Tot (w)
Witt - Strenges Mädchen

Pink Turns Blue - Your Master Is Calling
The Exploding Boy - Torn
Joy Division - Transmission (w)
Bauhaus - In The Flat Field
Beastmilk - Death Reflects Us
Blacklist - Flight Of The Demoiselles
Deathcult - God's Zoo
The Sisters Of Mercy - A Rock And A Hard Place
She Past Away - Kasvetli Kutlame
Soror Dolorosa - Autumn Wounds
Billy Idol - White Wedding (w)
Multicolored Shades - Teen Sex Transfusion
Jad Wio - Cellar Dance
Stepahn Eicher - Les Filles Du Limmatquai

Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
The Cure - Play For Today
Christian Death - Romeo's Distress (w)
Sexbeat - Sexbeat
Pink Turns Blue - Walking On Both Sides
Das Kabinette - The Cabinet
Tito & Tarantula - After Dark
Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister
Cramps - Human Fly
PiL - This Is Not A Love Song (w)
The B52s - Planet Claire (w)
Bérurier Noir - Vive le Feu
Wipers - Windowshop For Love

Warsaw - They Walked in Line
The Vibrators - Disco In Moscow
Placebo - The Bitter End (w)
Terminal Gods - Electric Eyes
Killing Joke - Euphoria
Passion Play - Running On Empty (2014)
The Chameleons - Up The Down Escalator
The Sisters Of Mercy - Walk Away
The Nefilim - Shine (w)
Philipp Boa & The Voodooclub - Fine Art In Silver (w)
Grauzone - Schlachtet (w)
Arnaud Lazlaud - Les Invisibles
Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi (w)
Indochine - L'Aventurier
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself

Men Without Hats - Girl With The Silicon Eyes
Spandau Ballet - To Cut A Long Story (w)
Boytronic - Luna Square
Nichts - Tango 2000 (w)
DAF - Der Mussolini (w)
Malaria - Kaltes Klares Wasser
Trisomie 21 - Last Song (w)
Light Asylum - Dark Allies (w)
She Past Away - Asimilaysun
The Sisters Of Mercy - Marian (w)
Bauhaus - Passion Of Lovers
The Cure - M
Danzig - Mother

New Model Army - No Rest
Joy Division - Shadowplay
The Exploding Boy - London
DAD - Sleeping My Days Away
Skeletal Family - Promised Land
Ideal - Erschiessen
Fliehende Stürme - Sirenen
Social Distortion - Don't Drag Me Down
Low City Rain - Nightshift
Nosferatu - Siren

The Cure - Jump On Someone Else's Train
Spizzenerggi - Where's Capteain Kirk
United Balls - Gänseblümchen
Demented Are Go - Cripple In The Woods (w)
Yazoo - Situation (w)
Fraktus - A.D.A.M

Minuit Machine - She Devil (rmx)
Zola Jesus - Night
Fields Of the Nephilim - Sumerland (live)
Swans - Power And Sacrifice (w)
The Chameleons - Second Skin

DJ Kai

Waldkrauz - Ostara
Karin Höghielm - Hagia Sophia
Alan Stivell - Tri Martolod
Versengold - Vom Zauber des Wildfräuleins
Omnia - The Raven
Unwoman - Hurt
Ausdärmen - Smut
You The Living - Precipice
Death In June - Come Before Christ And Murder Love
Derniere Volonte - Le Doux Poison
Anna von Hausswolff - Pomperipossa
Dead Can Dance - In Power We Trust The Love Advocated
In The Nursery - Crave
Unto Ashes - Funeral March For Queen Mary
Interpol - Leif Erikson
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now
Soft Cell - Hey Joe
Jordan Reyne - London
Cuelebre - Dekam Kwennos
Wardruna - Hagal
Faun - Rhiannon
Omnia - Satyr Sex
Estampie - Seigneurs, sachiez
QNTAL - Dulcis Amor
Trobar De Morte - Tempus Fugit
Hagalaz Runedance - Labyrinth
Dead Can Dance - Rakim
Gae Bolg - Totentanz (w)
Derniere Volonte - Après Nous
King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe - Be Free
Rome - Der Brandtaucher
Of The Wand And The Moon - Honour
L'Ame Immortelle - Tears In The Rain
Kirlian Camera - Odyssey Europa
Deine Lakaien - Reincarnation
David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes
Rosa Crux - Terribilis
Irfan - Day To Pray
QNTAL - Ad Mortem Festinamus
Sopor Aeternus - In der Palästra (w)
Mila Mar - Elfentanz
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - The Miscarriage of Paradise Regained (w)
Forseti - Der Graue König (w)
Death In June - Rose Clouds…
Darkwood - Der Falken Flug (w)
Of The Wand And The Moon - Sunspot
Nancy Sinatra (Feat. Lee Hazlewood) - Summer Wine
Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans
Guesch Patti - Culture
Loreena McKennitt - The Mummers' Dance
Nicholas Lens - Terra Aquarius
Faun - Andro
Valravn - Krummi
Theodor Bastard - Aion
Camerata Mediolanense - 99 Altri Perfecti
Die Krupps - Sans Fin
Herz Jühning - To The Stars
November Növelet - Fire
Soap And Skin - Sugarbread
Triarii - Sonnenwalzer
Derniere Volonte - L'eau pure
Zola Jesus - Night
London After Midnight - Sacrifice
Lene Lovic - Bird Song
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Arabian Knights
E.M.A.K. - Tanz in den Himmel
Massive Attack - Angel
Mari Boine - Ethno Jenny
Myrna Loy - Lebetor
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
Iridio - New World Child
Faun - Egil Saga
Faith And The Muse - Shattered In Aspect
Creatures - Exterminating Angel
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
Sonne Hagal - Who Has Seen The Wind
Of The Wand And The Moon - Raven Chant
Death In June - Death Of The West
Hagalaz' Runedance - Hel, Goddess Of The Underworld
Spiritual Front - Bastard Angel
Ladytron - Flicking Your Switch
Depeche Mode - The Sun & The Rainfall
The Cure - In Your House
A Split Second - Colosseum Crash
Covenant - Rising Sun
Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me
Amy Winehouse - Wake Up Alone
Nouvelle Vague - Bela Lugosis Dead
Chelsea Wolfe - Dragged Out
Arcana - Angel Of Sorrow
Hundreds - Stones


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