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Playlist vom 18. Juni 2014
"ABBY Party"


DJ Dieter

Neuroticfish - Velocity
X-Fusion - Kalter Schatten
:Wumpscut; - Thorns (w)
Gabi Delgado - Nebelmaschine
Heimataerde - Musikerhände (uncut)
Combichrist - This shit will fuck you up
Valium Era - DNA Codec (w)
ASP - Imbecile Anthem
Eisbrecher - Schwarze Witwe (w)
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams
Alien Skull Paint - Fly with Me
Adam Berces - Runes and Men
Welle:Erdball - Mimikry
Schwarzbund - Der Mensch Tanzt
And One - Millitary Fashion Show (Club Hit) (w)
Covenant - Call The Ships to Port (Club Version) (w)
Frozen Plasma - Tanz die Revolution (w)
Accessory - Voran (w)
FGFC820 - God & Country (w)
Valium Era - Antibody 
Lindsey Stirling - Shadows (w)
Gae Bolg - Totentanz
Deine Lakaien - Farewell
Diary of Dreams - Malum
Subway to Sally - Kämpfen Wir! (Eisbrecher Remix) (w)
ASP - Ich bin ein wahrer Satan
Eisbrecher - Verrückt (w)
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love (w)
Welle:Erdball - 23 (w)
Karin Park - New Era (w)
Autodafeh - Retro Electric (ABBY Mix 2014)
Depeche Mode - Wrong
Apoptygma Berzerk - Major Tom (Coming Home) (Technomancer feat. AngstPop Rmx)
Frozen Plasma - Murderous Trap
Solar Fake - Change The View 
FGFC820 - Society (w)
The Arch - Ribdancer (w)
Isecs - Einheitsschritt (w)
Welle:Erdball - Deutsche Liebe (w)
Grossstadtgeflüsster - Haufenweise Scheisse (w)
Centhron - Dreckstück (w)
Agonoize - Alarmstufe Rot
Nachtmahr - War on the Dancefloor (w)
In Strict Confidence - Morpheus (w)
Blutengel - Reich mir die Hand (w)
Klangstabil - Vertraut (w)
Silke Bischoff - Under Your Skin (w)
Eisbrecher - Engel (w)
Mono Inc. - Heile, Heile Segen (w)
Oomph! - Such mich find mich (w)
ASP - Krabat (w)
Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me (w)
The Prodigy - Smack my bitch up (w)
Dioxyde - geist (w)
Hertzinfarkt - Wir trauen uns was (w)
Blitzmaschine - Love and Pain (w)
Welle:Erdball - Monoton & Minimal
Die Krupps - Der Amboss (w)
Schwefelgelb - Alle Sterne (w)
VNV Nation - Retaliate
Covenant - Der Leierman (w)
Project Pitchfork - Rain (w)
And One - Steine sind Steine (w)
The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix) (w)
Faderhead - TZDV (w)
Epinephrin - Energie (w)
Steinkind - Deutschland brennt (w)
Dirk van dark - exzess (w)
Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, Kill (w)
Stoppenberg - This Is For Your Body feat. HELD DER ARBEIT
ASP - Und Wir Tanzten - Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe (Remastered) (w)
In Extremo - Vollmond (2006 Version) (w)
Eisbrecher - Heilige
IAMX - Nightlife (w)
Die Form - Bite of God (XXX 2006) (w)
The Human League - Being Boiled (12“ Version)
Nacht & Nebel - Beats of Love (w)
Klangstabil - You May Start (w)
Agonoize - Gottloss (w)
Covenant - Wir sind die Nacht (w)
Düse - Nackig (w)
Eisenfunk - Pong (w)
[X]-Rx - Kein Herz (w)
Lindsey Stirling - Crystalize (w)
Helium Vola - Selig (w)
Röyksopp - What else is there? (w)
Fisherspooner - emerge
Welle:Erdball - Ich bin aus Plastik (Musik für Tanzroboter Version)(w)
Homo Futura - Links, Rechts (w)
Schwefelgelb - Spieglein, Spiegeln (w)
FGFC820 - Not The World i remember (w)
Grendel - Soilbleed (V3)(w)
Feindflug - Ersatzteil (w)
Stellamara - Prituri Se Planinata (NiT GriT Remix) (w)
Xenia Beliayeva - Dumpfe Träume (w)
VNV Nation - Illusion (w)
Deine Lakaien - Love me to the End

DJs M & Joni

Sad Lovers And Giants - Sleep (Is for Everyone)
Low City Rain - You are everyone, You are everywhere
Soror Dolorosa - Autumn Wounds
The Exploding Boy - Street Cliché
Ceremony - Cold Cold Night
Martial Canterel - Kiev Park
Kissing The Pink - Watching Their Eyes
And One - Mssing Link
Matia Bazar - Ti sento
Rabia Sorda - Mirrorsand Knifes
Shock Therapie - Waste of Time
Apoptygma Berzerk - Rebel
Anna Clark - Wallies
Absolute Body Control - Stardust Fever
Human Puppets - Lost Lovers
Skinny Puppies - Assimilate
Artist Umknown - Anthem
Alien Sex Fiend - R.I.P.
Clash - London Calling
Exploding Boy - London
Velvet Condom - Kalter Lippenstift
Nacht Analyse - Scan mich ein
Automelodi - Couloir Néant
She Past Away - Rituel
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Bauhaus - The Passion of Lovers
Fliehende Stürme - Letzte Art
The Sound - New Dark Age
Joy Division - Transmission
Nouvelle Vague - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Das Kabinette - The cabinet
Men Without Hats - Antarctica (w)
Velvet Condom - Samt und Stein
Cure - Strange Day
White Lies - To loose my Life
Editors - Formaldehyde
Joy Division - Disorder
New Order - Sunrise
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
Dark allies (radio edit) - Light Asylum
Austra - Identity
Acid Pauli vs. Johnny Cash - I See A Darkness
Tones On Tail - Performence
B-Movie - Remembrance Day
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
The Merry Thoughts - Dreamland
The Chameleons - Paper Tigers
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Red Light
Nina Belief - Identity crisis
Clan Of Xymox - A Day
Boytronic - Luna Square
Inbase - Christine
Depeche Mode - Blasphamose Rumours
Necrophilistic Anodyne - Security
DAF - Alle gegen alle
Front 242 - Headhunter
Vive la fete - Il pleut
Berlin - The Metro
Indochine - L`aventurier
Les Rita Mitsouko - C´estcommeca
The Sisters ofMercy - Andrenochrome
Shock Therapy - Pain
Diva Destruction - The broken Ones
Faith and the Muse - Battle Hymn
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities in Dust
Malaria - You turn to run
The Lords Of The New Church - Dance With Me
Trisomie 21 - The last song
Psyche - Goodbye horses
Schwefel - Metropolis (12" version)
Cancer Barrack - Beischlaf Mit 60 Kg Hackfleisch
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle - Shadow dance
Ghost Dance - Last Train
Christian Death - As Evening Falls
Dead Can Dance - Rakim (w)
Kirlian Camera - Eclipse
Boytronic - You
Xeno & Oaklander - The Staircase (Version)
Depeche Mode - Ice Machine
Psyche - Goodbye horses
No more - Suicide Commando
Killing Joke - Love like Blood
Pink turns blue - Michelle
Skinny Puppies - Assimilate
Phillipp Boa - And then she kissed her
Heroes del Silencio - Entre dos tierras
Grauzone - Wütendes Glas (w)
Fehlfarben - Paul ist tot
Ramones - Pet Sematary (w)
Escape With Romeo - Somebody
Rosetta Stone - If Only and Sometimes
Play Dead - This Side of Heaven [Extended Version]
Ikon - Fall Apart
Cult Of Youth - Sidestreets
November Növelet - Street Of Lost Hearts
Chrome - In a Dream (w)
Asylum Party - Pure Joy in my Heart


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