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Playlist vom 05. Januar 2012
"ABBY Party"


DJ Andi & DJ Dieter

Residents - Kaw-Liga (Dance-Mix)
Yello - Bostich
Schwefelgelb - Von Allem Zuviel
VNV Nation - Electronaut
Modulate - Kommune 1
Rotersand - War On Error
:Wumpscut: - Soylent Grün
Haus Arafna - The Last Dream Of Jesus (7")
ASP - Und Wir Tanzten (Remastered)
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams
Din A Tod - Creation Crucifixion
Rammstein - Haifisch (w)
Covenant - Der Leiermann
Combichrist - This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Welle:Erdball - Starfighter F-104 G
Diary Of Dreams - The Curse (Freak Edit)
Nine Inch Nails - Get Down Make Love
Eisbrecher - Leider
Agonoize - Exitus (w)
[:SITD:] - Snuff
Machinery (Extended)
Helium Vola - Selig
Subway To Sally - Mir Allein (w)
Deine Lakaien - Over And Done (w)
Kirlian Camera - K-Pax
Solitary Experiments - Rise & Fall (w)
Front 242 - Tragedy For You (Punish Your Machine Mix)
Feindflug - Ersatzteil (w)
And One - Back Home (Club Mix)
Faderhead - TZDV (w)
Accessory - Tanzrichtung Vorwärts (w)
Eisenfunk - Super Space Invaders (w)
[X]-Rx - Panikattacke (w)
The Prodigy - Omen (w)
Funkhausgruppe - Die Physiker (w)
Welle:Erdball - Ich Bin Aus Plastik (w)
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix) (w)
Die Krupps Feat. Client - Der Amboss (w)
Covenant - Wir Sind Die Nacht
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love (w)
Eisbrecher - Verrückt (w)
ASP - Wechselbalg (w)
Diary Of Dreams - The Wedding (w)
The Sisters Of Mercy - Flood II (w)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Love Never Dies (w)
VNV Nation - Precipice (w)
Frozen Plasma - Murderous Trap (w)
Nine Inch Nails - Sin (Remix) (w)
Kontrast - Einheitsschritt
Hertzinfarkt - Wir Trauen Uns Was
Steinkind - Larissa (Püppies) (w)
Nachtmahr - Tanzdiktator (w)
FGFC820 - God & Country
Depeche Mode - Wrong (w)
Gary Numan - The Fall
The Arch - Ribdancer
Die Krupps - Als Wären Wir Für Immer (w)
Welle:Erdball - Deutsche Liebe
Faderhead - Dirtygrrrls Dirtybois (w)
Accessory - Voran (w)
Invubite - Glowstix, Neon & Blood (w)
Combichrist - Blut Royale (w)
Agonoize - Bis Das Blut Gefriert (w)
VNV Nation - Control (w)
Light Asylum - Dark Allies (w)
Gerard McMann - Cry Litte Sister (w)
ASP - Duett Der Incubi
Eisbrecher - Vergissmeinnicht (w)
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness (w)
Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds (Attacke Remix)
Muse - Uprising (w)
Ministry - Just ONe Fixx (w)
And One - Steine Sind Steine (w)
Autodafeh - Heaven Screams
Monolith - Terrordisco (Synapscape Remix)
XotoX - Eisenkiller (w)
Klangstabil - You May Start
The Human League - Being Boiled
Boytronic - You (w)
Schwefelgelb - Alle Sterne (w)
Jonas Seltsam - Wenn Du Mich Liebst
ASP - Krabat (w)
Saltatio Mortis - Spiel Mit Dem Feuer
Subway To Sally - Kämpfen Wir! (Eisbrecher Remix)
:Wumpscut: - Sag Es Jetzt
Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant (w)
Spetsnaz - Apathy
The Eternal Afflict - San Diego (The Tragical)
Grossstadtgeflüster - Haufenweise Scheisse (w)
Welle:Erdball - Arbeit Adelt (w)
Faderhead - The Way To Fuck God
Xenia Beliayeva - Dumpfe Träume
Triarii - Emperor Of The Sun
The Cure - A Forest
Motorama - There's No Hunters Here
How To Destroy Angels - Is Your Love Strong Enough
Deine Lakaien - Love Me To The End

DJ Otto Normalverbraucher

Crisis - Afraid
Schatten Unter Eis - Burried Alive
Schildren On Stun - Sidelined
The Sound - Houer Of Need
Cocteau Twins - Blind Dumb Deaf
Dilemma - Dracula
Im Namen Des Volkes - System Überlastet
Bodenpersonal - Tote Räume
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (w)
Young Marble Giants - Final Day
The Proximate Force - Walk
Bizarre Leidenschaft - Geheimnis
Deo - Peepshow
Ian North - Interview With The Vampire
John Foxx - No-One Driving
Kraftwrek - Computerwelt
Christof Glowalla - Erde 80
Mary Moor - Pretty Day
Rational Youth - Dancing On The Berlin Wall
Basking Sharks - New Industry
Depeche Mode - Photographic
Men Without Hats - Security
Charles De Goal - Exposition
Christian Death - Incendiary Lover
13th Chime - Coffin Maker
Joy Division - She's Lost Control (w)
Grauzone - Wütendes Glas (Single Version)
Indochine - Dizzidence Politik
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
Death In June - The Calling (Mkii)
Boytronic - You
Duran Duran - Wild Boys
Sisters Of Mercy - Alice
Shock Therapy - Hate Is Just A 4-Letter Word
Diva Destruction - The Broken Ones
The Creatures - Exterminating Angel
Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus Der Lüge
Esplendor Geometrico - Mocu Esta Helado
Neon Judgement - TV Treated
The Normal - Warm Leatherette
Visage - The Anvil (w)
DAF - Verschwende Deine Jugend
ADULT. - Glue Your Eyelids Together
Bérurier Noir - Le Renard
Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
The Business - Suburban Rebels
The Monsters - Creature From The Black Lagoon
Cock Sparrer - Argy Bargy
The Vibrators - Disco In Moscow
Red Zebra - Can't Live In A Livingroom
Die Art - Sie Sagte
Abwärts - Computerstaat
Hermanns Orgie - Nacht Und Tod
The Cure -Killing An Arab (w)
13th Chime - Fire
New Model Army - No Rest (w)
Sisters Of Mercy -Body Electric (w)
Bauhaus - Lagartjia Nick
Alien Sex Fiend - Dead And Burried
DAF - Verschwende Deine Jugend (w)
Das Kabinette - The Cabinet
Trasparent Illusion - Malice Way
Andreas Dorau - Fred Vom Jupiter (w)
Kraftwerk - Das Model
Deo - Exakt Neutral
Die X-Agenten - Im Lichtermeer
Madness - One Step Beyond
Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi (w)
Bérurier Noir - Commando Pernod (w)
Canal Terror - Hey
PVC - Can't Escape
Cock Sparrer - England Belongs To Me (w)
Venom - In League With Satan (w)
Virgin Prunes - Caucasian Walk
Joy Division - Transmission
Echo And The Bunnymen - Killing Moon
Nick Cave - The Weeping Song
The Cure - Fire In Cairo (w)
Phillip Boa - Fine Art In Silver
Indochine - L' Aventurier
Skeletal Family - Promised Land (w)
Fehlfarben - Apokalypse (w)
Ernst - Mongoloid
D.U.R. - Deutschland Brennt
Ideal - Erschießen (w)
No Horizon - Zu Lange
DAF - Nachtarbeit
Stafan Eicher - Mini Mini Mini Minijupe
Malaria - Your Turn To Run (w)
Depeche Mode - Master And Servant
Rational Youth - Saturday In Selicia
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - 1982 (w)
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
Martin Dupont - Just Because
Bauhaus - Duble Dare (w)
Tuxedomoon - No Tears
Electric Six - Gay Bar (w)
Sham 69 - If The Kids Are United (w)
Blitz - Someone's Gonna Die
Ärzte - Paul (w)
The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Rocky Horror Picture Show OST - Time Warp (w)

DJs Marc & Stöfi

Kluster - Zwei Osterei Part 1
Imminent - Ruckus
Projecto Mirage - Do Not Look At Me
Genocide Organ - Industrial Strike
De Fabriek - Fistfucking
Stahlwerk 9 - NICFD
Legion Ultra - Triumph
Painslut - Everything Turns Into Silence
Genocide Organ - Klaus Barbie
Whitehouse - Thank You Lucky Star
Dead Can Dance - Anywhere Out OF World
??? - Fasten Your Seatbelt
Screloma - Sad Bitch
Haus Arafna - Alive Through Pain
Echo West - Cabin Air Filtration
Thorofon - Gigamesh
Genocide Organ - Stalins Orgeln
Grim - Noble Folk
Blackhouse - Be Good
SPK - Berufsverböt
SPK - Israel
Deutsch Nepal - The Silent Earth
Phosgen - SKA
Pan Sonic - Telakol
Folkstorm - In The Name Of Culture
Control - Just To Kill
Brighter Death Now - Destroy
Dresden 45 - Meer der Flammen
Haus Arafna - No Right To Live
Radio Murmansk - Aktionseinheit
Simon Schall - Und wenn du schläfst
De Fabriek - Herzensgewebe
Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus der Lüge
ACOH - They Come Over The Hill
First Order - Nails And Thorns
Con-Dom - Road To Total Freedom
Hunting Lodge - SM Operation
Control Resistance - Blood In Your Face
Advokat Ihrer Hoheit - Jaqueline
Genocide Organ - White Power Forces
Whitehouse - A Cunt Like You
Rasthof Dachau - Endlösung Wannsee
Hentai - Cyberdoom Beat 2
Militia - Michael Bakunin
Test Dept. - Arddyledog Ganu
Mother Destruction - Hella Roots
Current 93 - The Ballad Of The Pale Christ
Einstürzende Neubauten - ZNS
Haus Arafna - Blood Out Your Soul
Control - Without Death
Folkstorm - I
Screloma - Dirt
Brighter Death Now - Rain, Red Rain
Genocide Organ - Save Our Slaves
Painslut - Where Do You Draw The Line
Blackhouse - Countdown
Deutsch Nepal - Albanian Summer
ACOH - The New Jerusalem
Objekt Urian - Tonfragmente Fight
Anenzephalia - Final Pulse
Propergol - Outburst
Pineal Gland / Salt - Eleven
Brighter Death Now - I Wish I Was A Little Girl
SPK - The Agony Of Plasma
Con-Dom - Mission To Kill
Der Feuerkreiner - Abkehr vom Krieg
Atrox - Elmsfeuer
Atrox - Prisma
Sturmpercht - Tatzelwurm
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
Happy Tree Friends


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