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Playlist vom 26. Februar 2011
"ABBY Party"


DJ Andi & DJ Dieter

Bollock Brothers - Faith Healer
DAF - Sato Sato
Pouppee Fabrik - Die Jugend (w)
Nine Inch Nails - Ringfinger (w)
VNV Nation - Precipice (w)
Combichrist - Murder Monster Kill
Eisenfunk - Super Space Invaders
Soman - Pusher (US-Remix)
Diary Of Dreams - Menschfeind
Klangstabil - You May Start
Patenbrigade Wolf - Popmusik Für Rohrleger
Die Form - Bite Of God (2006)
Agonoize - Bis Das Blut Gefriert
[X]-Rx - Rotes Licht (w)
Modulate - Hard & Dirty
ASP - Schwarzes Blut
Saltatio Mortis - Spielmannsschwur
Marilyn Manson - This Is Halloween
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
The Prodigy - Omen
XPQ-21 - White And Alive (Club)
Finger & Kadel - Ihr Seid Doch Krank (Banger Mix)
Schwefelgelb - Alle Sterne
Welle:Erdball - Tanz Eiskalt
Frozen Plasma - Warmongers (w)
Solitary Experiments - Self Deception
Nine Inch Nails - Discipline (Remix)
Eisbrecher - Schwarze Witwe (TLP-Remix) (w)
Steinkind - Larissa
Die Krupps - Der Amboss
And One - Military Fashion Show
Eisenfunk - Pong (w)
Patenbrigade Wolf - Gefahrstoffe (Hocinoizefluggerät Club Mix) (w)
[X]-Rx - Tanz Schlampe (w)
Marilyn Manson - (s)aint (w)
Muse - Uprising (w)
VNV Nation - Chrome (w)
Homo Futura - Links Rechts
Faderhead - Dirtygrrrls Dirtybois (w)
Front 242 - Funkahdafi
Leaether Strip - Don't Tame Your Soul
Feindflug - Ersatzteil (w)
Agonoize - Ohnetitel (w)
Unter Null - Broken Heart Cliche (KANT KINO Mix) (w)
Diary Of Dreams - The Wedding (w)
Deine Lakaien - In The Land Of
Helium Vola - Nummus (w)
Tanzwut - Meer
ASP - Werben (w)
Dirk Van Dark - Exzess (w)
Covenant - Dead Stars (w)
The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke Mix) (w)
Welle:Erdball - Wir Wollen Keine Menschen Sein (w)
Funkhausgruppe - Die Physiker
Kirlian Camera - K-Pax (Fotonovela Mix)
And One - Steine Sind Steine (w)
Agonoize - Gottlos
Faderhead - TZDV (w)
Nachtmahr - Mädchen In Uniform (Faderhead Mix)
Noisuf-X - Deutschland Braucht Bewegung (w)
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
ASP - Ich Bin Ein Wahrer Satan
The Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion (7" Mix)
Depeche Mode - Wrong (w)
Diary Of Dreams - King Of Nowhere
Wumpscut - Soylent Grün (w)
Suicide Commando - Sterbehilfe
Die Krupps - Als Wären Wir Für Immer (w)
Marilyn Manson - The Reflecting God (w)
Rammstein - Du Hast (w)
Heimataerde - Gotteskrieger
Steinkind - Trink Mich (w)
And One - Zerstörer
VNV Nation - Illusion (w)
Rotersand - Speak to me (epic) (w)
Mind.in.a.box - 8 Bits (8.6 Bits Mix) (w)
Fischerspooner - Emerge (w)
Hurts - Sunday (w)
Welle:Erdball - Sternenkind (w)
The Mao Tse Tung Experience - Irregular Times (w)
Supreme Court Feat. Feindflug - Selbstjustiz
Agonoize - Vollrauschfetischist (w)
Combichrist - Shut Up And Swallow
Wumpscut - Bone Shaker Babee (w)
Prodigy - No Good
Schwefelgelb - My Pornoshow
Düse - Nackig (w)
Rob D. - Clubbed To Death
Nine Inch Nails - Meet Your Master (Le Pig Mix)
Placebo - Running Up That Hill
Diary Of Dreams - Traumtänzer (w)
VNV Nation - Beloved
Deine Lakaien - Love Me To The End (2nd Mix)

DJs M. (Die Genialen Tanten) & Joni

Absolute Body Control - Never Seen
Human Puppets - Lost Loves
Dm - Landscape Is Burning
Silke Bischoff - Under Your Skin
Anne Clark - Our Darkness
Sisters - Alice
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Artist Unknown - Anthem
The Cure - A Forrest
Siouxie - Spellbound
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
Bauhaus - Dark Entries
Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Goldene Zitronen - Doris Ist In Der Gang
Die Ärzte - El Cativo
Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
Necrophilistic Anodyne - Security
No More - Suicide Commando
Alien Sex Fiend - R.I.P.
Fehlfarben - Apocalypse
Nin & Peter Murphy - Warm Leatherette
Grauzone - Wütendes Glas
Suspiria - Dancefloor Tragedy
Veil Veil Vanish - Modern Lust
De Volanges - Sweet Times Burn
Joy Division - Disorder
Skeletal Family - Promised Land (w)
Phillip Boa - Fine Art In Silver
Nick Cave - The Weeping Song
X - Los Angeles
Trio - Los Paul
Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia
United Balls - Pogo In Togo
Misfits - Monster Mash
The Clash - London Calling
Bollock Brothers - The Faith Healer
Pink Turns Blus - Walk Away
Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Joy Division - She`S Lost Control
Billy Idol - Rebell Yell
Ramones - Pet Semetary
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Cities In Dust
Faith And The Muse - Battle Hymn
Diva Destruction - Broken Ones
Shok Therapy - Hate Is Just A 4-Letter Word
The Eternal Afflict - San Diego
Fair Sex - No Excuse
X-Mal Deutschland - Incubus Sukkubus
Daf - Verschwende Deine Jugend
The Kitchen And The Plastic Spoon - Happy Funeral
Abwärts - Computerstaat
Joy Division - She`S Lost Control
Einstürzende Neubauten - Yu Güng
Stephan Eicher - Noise Boys Song
Skinny Puppies - Assimilate
Dm - Photographic
Sisters - Body Electric
Camouflage - The Great Commandment
New Order - Blue Monday
Trans X - Living On Video
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis
Depeche Mode - Shake The Desease
Cure - Strange Day
Vive La Fete - Noir Desir
The Creatures - Exterminating Angel
Iamx - The Great Wreckship Of Life
Royskopp - What Else Is There
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
Boytronic - Luna Square
Visage - Fade To Grey
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Smiths - Panic
Clash - Lost In The Supermarket
And One - Traumfrau
Fliehende Stürme - Sirenen
Deep Eynde - Suicide Drive
The Monsters - Creature From The Black Lagoon
The Meteors - Don`T Touch The Bang Bang Fruit
Madrugada - The Nightly Disease
White Lies - Death
The Cure - Play For Today
Bauhaus - She's In Parties

DJ Stöfi

Redshift - Turning Toward Us
Tardive Dyskinesia - Hypnophobia
Phelios - You Cannot See The Dragons Eyes
Stoa - I Wish You Could Smile
Gjöll - What Through Zero Part 1
Nine Inch Nails - Corona Radiata
Der Blutharsch - Kampf, Sieg oder Tod
Dead Man’s Hill - Yigael
Grim - Heil
Esplendor Geometrico - Amor En Mathaussen
Brighter Death Now - Bites Everything
Death Pact International - Strategy Of Tension
Human Larvae - I Feel Therefore I Hurt
Ex.Order - Collapse
Atrox - Keep Control
N.Strahl.N - Blaugrauer Tanz
Deutsch Nepal - A Silent Siege
Rohton - Frequenzspäher
Genevieve Pasquier - Fairly Tale
Thorofon - Spermicide
Atrox - Metal Mistress
THS - Gurtmuffel
The Sidewinder - Total Destruction
Panasonic - Elephants Memory
Propergol - Outburst
Haus Arafna - Für Immer
Pineal Gland / SALT - Eleven
Controlled Bleeding - Tormentors Song
Laibach - Geburt einer Nation
HERR - The Fall Of Constantinople
The Thieves Of Impression - Leszerazz Galliard
Dead Can Dance - Cantara
Arcana - Lament
The Moon Lay Hidden… - Yndalongg
Dead Can Dance - Anywhere Out Of The World
Stahlwerk - Und leise rührt des toten Freundes Hand
Phosgen - S.K.A.
Genocide Organ - Vive La Guerra
Diutesc - I Got Fear
Folkstorm - Working Class Ferox
Strom.EC - Treatment Protocol
Minamata - Politkovskaia
Control - Lust
Sutcliffe Jugend - Humiliation
Nicole 12 - Over The Edge
Stahlwerk 9 - Elektrische Sonnen
Atrox - Let’s Grow More Sunflowers
Volksweerbaarheld - Volksdansbaarheid
Dive - Machinegun Baby
Geistform - Syncrotron
Sonar - Laava
Memorandum - New Primitivism
Hentai - Death Woman Victim
Hunting Lodge - Na Vilavilairevu
La Nomen Klatur - Ultima
Whitehouse - A Cunt Like You
ConDom - Road To Total Freedom
Esplendor Geometrico - Es Seguro Nuestro
Nyarlathotep - Onward Christian Soliders
Haus Arafna - Alive Through Pain
Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus der Lüge
La Morte De La Maison - Pale Your Mind
Tommi Stumpff - Massaker
The Klinik - Moving Hands
P.A.L. - Gelöbnis
Front 242 - Body To Body
Das Ich - Gottes Tod
Calva Y Nada - Rascheln im Gras
Glatze des Willens - Kein Abschied
Thilges 3 - Letztehof
McUhu - untitled
Institut für Feinmechanik - Wird es sehr weh tun?
Happy Tree Friends


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